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When will BbWorld 2020 take place?
BbWorld 2020 will take place July 21 & July 22, 2020!

What about DevCon?
DevCon will take place weekdays from July 6, 2020 – July 20, 2020. View the most up to date sessions here.

Will there be a cost for BbWorld 2020?
No. BbWorld 2020 is a free event. Sponsorship opportunities will be offered at a cost for Blackboard partners.

What will happen to my registration for the in-person event?
Our event partner, ConferenceDirect, will be cancelling all event registrations and will work on issuing full refunds. Please allow 45 days for the refunds to be processed. Due to high volume, we appreciate your patience as we work to complete all transactions. For additional questions, please contact

Can I roll over my registration to next year’s event?
We will not be rolling over registrations, but instead offering full refunds for 2020.

Do I need to request a refund of my registration?
No. Our event partner, ConferenceDirect, will automatically cancel your event registration on your behalf. Refunds will automatically be applied to your original form of payment in approximately 45 days. We appreciate your patience as we work to complete all refunds.

When will I get my refund?
Refunds will be applied within approximately 45 days.

Can the refund be on a different card or in the form of a check?
Unfortunately, no. Our event partner, ConferenceDirect, will apply the refund to the original form of payment.

Presenters & Speakers


When is the deadline to submit?
The deadline to submit for BbWorld 2020 was May 11, 2020.

When will I find out if my proposal has been accepted?
Email notifications will be sent soon.

Do presenters get a discount?
No, BbWorld 2020 is a free event.

What happened to Lightning Talks?
After a review of the virtual platform and objectives for the main program, we have decided to remove Lightning Talks from BbWorld 2020. We look forward to your submissions in 2021!

What is the likelihood of my presentation being accepted?
We value and appreciate your time in submitting proposals. When choosing sessions, we consider:

  • Session diversity: We strive to ensure a good mix of topics and formats, so we encourage you to take a unique perspective on a pressing topic to differentiate your proposal.
  • Total number of sessions available: At BbWorld, we have a limited amount of session times. We try to avoid having too many sessions thus leaving attendees torn about what to attend.
  • Value to participants: Our most important job is to ensure that sessions provide maximum value to our participants. We look for unique research, tangible takeaways, replicable best practices, inspirational stories, innovative problem solving, and examples of strong leadership.
  • Level of expertise: Within every conference, there are various levels of experience across attendees and presenters. We take this into account and aim to have a good mix of sessions for all levels.

Sponsors & Partners


Will I get a refund of my sponsorship fee since BbWorld is no longer an in-person event?
Yes. If you are a sponsor that already paid, refunds will be applied to your original form of payment in approximately 45 days. Please contact if you have any questions.

When will the new sponsorship prospectus be available?
Please contact regarding current sponsorship opportunities.

Travel & Accommodations


How do I cancel my hotel room reservation?
Our event partner, ConferenceDirect, will also be cancelling hotel room reservations on your behalf.  You should receive a cancellation email within 24-72 hours. No deposits will be charged.

I booked my hotel room outside the official registration system.  How can I cancel my reservation?
Call the hotel directly to confirm its cancellation policy.  The hotel will advise of any cancellation liability per the terms of your reservation with that property.

I booked a hotel room through the BbWorld 2020 website. Can I still keep the room? 
No. All hotel reservations associated with BbWorld will be canceled.

Can I get reimbursed for other expenses such as travel, visa fees, or hotel booked outside the conference block?
Unfortunately, no.  Attendee travel and other expenses are the responsibility of the attendee.

General Information


Will the in-person BbWorld 2020 event be rescheduled?
There are currently no plans to host BbWorld 2020 as an in-person event. We look forward to having you attend the virtual event instead on July 21 & 22, 2020.

How can I connect with the Blackboard community? 
Connect with other BbWorld attendees and Blackboard users who are taking their work to the next level in the Blackboard Community.

Where can I receive updates regarding BbWorld 2021? 
Please sign up for updates on to get on the mailing list for all things BbWorld!



Who do I contact with additional questions?
Email for any questions you may have.

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