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Get the information you need to lay the foundation for your teaching and learning ecosystem at DevCon, a special two-day event just for developers.

BbWorld Developer LIVE will live stream a three-hour segment of DevCon just for our developer community. Connect to your peers from anywhere with an internet connection. 

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Build the future of ed tech at DevCon

Interact with our architects and designers to get answers to questions like: What does the next generation of Blackboard Learn look like? How can I integrate other technologies into Blackboard Learn? What does the SaaS deployment do for me? and much more.

6 reasons to attend DevCon 2016


Get nerdy

Talk nerdy at DevCon with detailed technical conversations for system administrators, IT professionals and developers. Understand the future of integration development via REST APIs, then continue to develop and expand your knowledge of existing technologies like Building Blocks.


Technical training

We heard the applause when we asked, “should we make DevCon even more technical?” So get ready for it. We’ll be writing code, working on customizations, and answering your most technical questions. DevCon is the perfect fit for beginners and experts alike, so come prepared to ask your newbie questions or share your war stories.


Tailored sessions

Hear how your peers have leveraged commercial and homegrown integrations, web services, open standards, and other Blackboard Learn product capabilities. DevCon sessions focus on integrating campus systems, extending new functionality, and meeting an institution’s specific requirements.


Help for all types of “hosts”

Get technical details and insights around Blackboard Learn and our SaaS deployment. Self hosted? Managed hosted? Have no fear. We’ll be providing content for every deployment model and version.


DevCon brings together a unique group of developers, system administrators, and IT professionals from across the country (and globe). Don’t miss this opportunity to connect over your common challenges and share your creative solutions.


Dialogue with experts

Chat with your peers about their unique installations and get direct access to our product development, consulting, and support teams. Attend keynotes with the folks leading our development and design groups, then stick around for Q&A.

What people are saying about DevCon

“Lots of design info to digest from the DevCon closing keynote. My immediate takeaway: ‘Go make something.’ Let’s get started.”

People are already talking about #BbWorld17

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