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The Digital Program

All sessions are now available on demand.

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Building killer blended learning services

Paul Merryless Senior Director Advisory Board Company

In four years, the Advisory Board has provided leadership training to medical doctors, registered nurses, and administrators at over 400 healthcare organizations around the world. They have developed a unique training delivery program that combines in-person training with follow-on and asynchronous activities, driving huge, scalable results. Tune in to learn about the program from start to finish with the program architect Paul Merryless.

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Extending learning to independent businesses

Murray Winland, Vice President, Global Learning Arise Virtual Solutions

Recognized as a work-at-home call center pioneer, Arise Virtual Solutions has been delivering services in the cloud for nearly a decade through a network of tens of thousands of independent, work-at-home customer service, sales and technical support providers. Arise is using Blackboard to deliver certification classes to independent customer service professionals so they are equipped to service Fortune 500 and other client companies. Come hear about Arise’s unique business model and how the partnership with Blackboard enables independent work-at-home support providers to learn virtually.

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Developing agile, adaptive, and innovative soldiers & leaders

Steven L. Delvaux, Ph.D Colonel, US Army | Vice Provost, Academic Affairs, Army University

Established in 2015, Army University represents the US Army’s most fundamental change in its education system since the late 19th century. Army University has been charged with ensuring the development of innovative leaders who can apply critical and creative thinking skills in the most chaotic and complex of environments– modern combat. Learn about their journey from this renowned featured speaker.

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Pilot Lessons: A flight plan to keep the wheels up on technology investments

Etolia Biggs & team Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services

In just a few short years, the adoption of online training has transformed the way organizational learning is conducted. Leaders from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services share their experiences from in a nationwide pilot project to roll out new training technology. Learn from the implementation team members with roles in management, administration, and IT as they highlight best practices, pitfalls to navigate, and key competencies adapt.

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