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BbWorld K-12 LIVE

The Digital Program

All sessions are now available on demand.

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Developing your crisis communication plan

Cindy Warner, Shelby County Public Schools

Shelby County Public Schools has a best-in-class communication program, and the program’s architect Cindy Warner is sharing all her trade secrets with you. Tune in for this exciting session on designing and rolling out a comprehensive communication plan that keeps your community in the loop on crises through proactive, multi-channel strategies.

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A day in the life of a school PR social media guru

Stephanie Smith, Fort Osage School District Lana Snodgras, West Plains Schools

Being a social media guru is no easy task, but these two make it look like a cinch. Social media is fast becoming one of the leading ways for schools to reach their communities, and these presenters have found the perfect way to integrate it into their communications strategies. You’ll leave this session with plenty of ideas to put into practice immediately.

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What our K-12 team is building (and why)

Lee Blakemore, Senior Vice President of Blackboard K-12

Three pillar beliefs guide our K-12 business: each student learns differently, engaged communities boost student success, and students learn better in safe environments. Tune in for a keynote presentation on the trends that we’re seeing around these key areas, and how our K-12 strategy is aligned. You might even get a sneak peek of what we’re working on in real time, including how the New Learning Experience is evolving based on your input and ideas.

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Customer keynote: A new learning experience realized

Paula Barr, iNACOL Blended & Online Learning Teacher of the Year | Dr. Jerri Kemble, Dr. Angelique Nedved, Dr. James Basham

Lawrence Public Schools started blending learning way ahead of the curve. Roll out a highly effective communications strategy and a comprehensive safety and security protocol on top of their innovative teaching, and you have a truly phenomenal district. Tune in to this powerful keynote from our nation’s education leaders for a story that’s sure to inspire.

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Impacts of mobile communication on a large, diverse district

Elizabeth Rios, Socorro ISD

Socorro Independent School District serves over 45,000 students at 47 campuses, comprising the second largest school district in El Paso, a border city in far west Texas. This school year, they rolled out a mobile app to connect their district’s diverse and multi-lingual community. Learn the ins-and-outs of their strategy—from app configuration, to training programs, and marketing campaigns.

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#GoOpen with Blackboard Open Content

Chris Tims and Bradley Parker, Crowley ISD Brent Mundy, Blackboard

Explore the possibilities of a world with digital content at your fingertips. Learn how Crowley ISD leverages Blackboard Open Content to provide a cloud-based, cross-platform learning object repository for authoring, sharing, and reusing digital content. Their story starts with solving for big challenges with comprehensive professional development, and ends with engaged students and empowered teachers.

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Rocket sessions: 5 sessions in 50 minutes

Multiple speakers

Love a TED talk? Who doesn’t! We took that format and supercharged it. Introducing rocket sessions: 10 minute sessions that pack a punch. You won’t be disappointed in these five rocket sessions:

  1. Create winning digital communications
  2. Lifeline – all in who you know; life support – phone a friend
  3. Trends in digital learning
  4. Top 10 tools for personalized learning
  5. How history went paperless

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