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BbWorld Higher Ed LIVE

Professional development for educators, brought to you LIVE from BbWorld

Don’t miss out on a chance to hear from thought leaders, colleagues, and Blackboard experts on topics like innovation in online learning, accessibility, student retention, and improving student success outcomes.

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What to expect for 2017 sessions

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to see when you join for the live streaming. Be sure to check back for more details about speakers and session timing as the event gets closer.

First impressions matter: Creating a quality introductory video

First impressions are crucial in any learning environment. How can an online instructor make a great first impression when all students are virtual? In this session, the Instructional Design and Development Staff at The University of Toledo will highlight important steps taken to create quality introductory video that give a great first impression. Tips will be given on how to create an introductory script that covers 7 Quality Matters standards, the video creation process by expert multimedia designers, and finally how to incorporate the introductory video into a Blackboard course.

Blackboard Retention Center: Educators’ tool for identifying and motivating at-risk students

The Blackboard Retention Center is a user-friendly progress tracking tool that helps instructors to easily identify, communicate with, and motivate at-risk students. Instructors can employ this tool to nudge those students who show signs of being at risk and intervene if necessary before it is too late for the students to turn things around. In this presentation, we will share our strategies on how to effectively use this tool in a time-efficient and innovative manner across different course settings, including large classes and fully online courses.

How to make your online content more interactive without re-inventing the wheel

The time of the “sage on the stage” is over. Students want to be active in their learning and faculty want feedback on student understanding throughout their lessons. Creating engaging, interactive activities can be a bit intimidating. The idea of learning a new software package or having to “start over” on how a lesson is presented keeps many from trying. This presentation will demonstrate a strategy for taking existing PowerPoint presentations and turning them into interactive lessons with activities and testing.

Hello, is anyone there? Creating instructor presence in an online course

Have you ever felt all alone when taking an online class? This session will review some basic research on social presence and immediacy before moving into concrete tools and examples of how an instructor can create their presence in an online course.

Rocket sessions: Great teaching tips

Love a TED talk? Who doesn’t! We took that format and supercharged it. Introducing rocket sessions: 7-minute sessions that pack a punch. Not sure what to expect? You won’t be disappointed with these quick, fun sessions. Topics include:

– Using humor to engage students online
– Increasing learner engagement with a visual discussion concept
– Applied learning online

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Visual design for online learning basics

Torria Davis, Instructional Designer, California Baptist University

Learners comprehend and design courses in a variety of ways—and when you’re teaching online, it’s more important than ever to create engaging content. Torria literally wrote the book on online course design and in this special, 20 minute session she shares how to understand, identify, and plan for visual course design. You’ll walk away with actionable ideas to put into place today. 

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Transparency & Integrity of Online Testing with Examity

Carly Papenberg, Senior Associate Director of Instructional Design, Temple University

When seeking the right balance of a student-centered approach to online academic testing and the highest integrity proctoring technology offering, Fox School of Business’ Carly Papenberg explains how the Examity solution has proven to deliver a robust online proctoring platform that combines flexibility, convenience, ease of use, simple integration, combined with the highest level of of quality customer service. This session is followed by a Q&A with Examity’s CEO and CTO.

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Rocket session: great teaching in a world of connected students

Multiple presenters

Love a TED talk? Who doesn’t! We took that format and supercharged it. Introducing rocket sessions: 7-minute sessions that pack a punch. Not sure what to expect? You won’t be disappointed in these seven rocket sessions. Topics include:

  • Engaging your students via text message
  • Integrating video into your courses
  • Social presence in online learning

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Superheros collaborate! Teaching virtual teamwork

Graceful Beam Georgia Northwestern Technical College

A once-feared online capstone class has been transformed into an epic adventure for students at Georgia Northwestern Technical College. Buckle up for an exciting ride with Graceful Beam as she highlights how they used online collaboration tools to revamp a course that was once dreaded by all, and is now a student favorite.

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A week-long faculty institute drives big results

Michelle Dames Austin Community College

Austin Community College developed a week-long faculty institute centered around instructional design. The program mirrored the focus of the Blackboard Exemplary Course Rubric’s four key elements: course design, interaction & collaboration, assessment, and learner support. Tune in as Michelle Dames outlines the design of the institute, shares resources, lessons learned, and results of a self-efficacy survey.

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The top 10 things you didn’t know you could do in Blackboard Learn

Tammy Jolley Blackboard

Your job is to deliver great teaching for your students. Our job is to make sure that you have access to the best tools for your classroom. In this session (included by popular demand) Tammy uses her 19 years of experience in education to highlight the most exciting capabilities of Blackboard Learn, our flagship LMS, that you can start using today.

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Building (attr)active courses: a session on instructional design

Tim Boon University of Leuven

Engaging students in online courses can be quite challenging. Good-looking and well-structured courses help students stay motivated. By embedding web 2.0 tools (Google Drive, Prezi, Padlet, …) and using just a tiny bit of coding you can make your Blackboard courses stunning and a lot more interactive. Tim Boon will show you how.

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Featured speaker: making sense of the new world of digital credentialing

Carla Casilli Badging + Credentials Expert

More than five years have passed since the inception of the open badges experiment, and in that time the concept of digital badges has moved steadily into the general consciousness. Part technology and part conceptual approach, the digitization of representations of learning now includes wide-ranging considerations such as competency-based education and e-portfolios, as well as PD. This presentation explores the evolving dimensions of this work.

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A response to the challenge of digital accessibility

Harriette Spiegel University of Tennesse, Martin

What does it mean to create “accessible course documents”? At colleges and universities, we’re all seeing a strong emphasis on ADA compliance, which has taken on new meaning as online courses and digital content become the norm. In this session, accessibility expert Harriette Spiegel walks through the step-by-step protocol for creating accessible content and discusses recent trends in accessibility.

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